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Friday, September 24, 2021

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Why Easy Colour?

Easy Colour - The Smart Dispenser


Smart Gauge as Standard!




Easy colour - The Innovative Dispenser


  • Patented Smart Gauges® provide exceptional accuracy with a single pump (1/384 fl oz, 0.01mls.).
  • Unique Auto-lock® valve frees both hands for easy dispensing.
  • Pozi-Seal® eliminates valve blockages.
  • Programmable colorant stirring.




Easy Colour - The Easy Dispenser



  • 3 litre canisters with Stainless Steel 3 oz. (100ml) pumps for fast accurate tinting.
  • Patented Smart Gauge - minimum dispense 1/384fl oz.
  • Unique Auto-lock® frees both hands for easy dispensing.


Smart Gauge as Standard




Easy colour - The Versatile Dispenser


  • 12, 16, 20 & 24 canister configurations.
  • Countertop, floor stand or combi  stand.
  • Gauges in 1/48us (0.616ml), 1/48usm (0.65ml) or ml (1ml).  Other gauges on request.


Technical Data

Easy Colour - Technical Data

Available Gauge Increments

1 Oz = ___ML

  • US (1/48 & 1/96)


  • USM (1/48 & 1/96)


  • Metric


Dispenser Model Dimensions (Packing)
12 Canister Countertop 85 x 75x 91cms @ 67kgs
16 Canister Countertop 89 x 74 x 91cms @ 72kgs
20 Canister Countertop 86 x 85 x 86cms @ 102kgs
24 Canister Countertop 100 x 104 x 119cms @ 120kgs
12 Canister Floorstand 72 x 86 x 125cms @ 91kgs
16 Canister Floorstand 72 x 86 x 125cms @ 99kgs
20 Canister Floorstand 105 x 116 x 118cms @ 124kgs
24 Canister Floorstand 105 x 116 x 118cms @ 143kgs

Specifications subject to change without notice



Coming Soon :

Easy Colour - Product Demonstration Video








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